February 21st, 2015 by Celia

This Weeks Pics: Branch & Blooms in Laurelhurst Park

flowering tree laurlhurst
Spring!!! It’s Happening!
Blossoms, buds, green tips, mossy everything, wet earth, longer days, warmer sun. Rebirth. A fresh start, a new beginning.
Anyway I look at it, I can’t get over how lovely this time of year is.
These pics are from Laurelhurst Park, just a few blocks from our house and a place of significant botanical interest. In the olden days, Laurelhurst park was the backyard to a mansion, now its all of ours’ backyard.
daphne bloom

Here we have:
  • a flowering Rose family tree, although I can’t say for certain what it is…perhaps a cherry of some sort? The Rose family flowers have that distinctive 5 petals and globe-tipped stamens.
  • The ever-fragrant daphne
  • Mossy trunk
  • Sequoia studded skyline
  • A path through the rhododendrons and magnolias
  • Another Rose family flowering tree
  • A red-berried evergreen.
  • and my favorite… the intriguing branches of this mystery tree.
mossy trunk
sequoia skyline
path with steps
cherry blossoms whitejpg
red berries branch
square stem tree


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