This week in photos

foggy willammatte
This week isn’t much different than other winter weeks here in Portland. Which is to say it’s as gorgeous as ever!
I love it all; the fog, the sorbet sunrises and sunsets, the lacy silhouettes of hibernating plants and florescent moss adorning just about everything.

I’ve had some good walks with friends, fun outings with the baby and lots of snuggling and napping, too. Slowly but surely I am accomplishing a tiny bit more around the house. Pretty much the perfect postpartum January I imagined.
hydranga winter
sunrise jan 20th
And then of course there is Little Guy to photograph… He is 6 weeks old this week and funner than ever.
The middle photo was taken during a craniosacral treatment. Yes, I schedule bodywork for my newborn, but what can I say? He was more than just a little squished in the birth canal (I pushed for 9 hours and 23 minuets!) and had a super tight neck and jaw which exacerbated some breastfeeding issues. As a body worker myself, I believe the sooner kinks can be worked out the better. Babies respond so well to touch and bounce back so quickly.
w 6 wks popcorn shirt
w cranio
w white bear suit 3mo


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