The Beauty of the End of May Flowers

grand dame rose bud
These photos are from a couple of weeks ago, and the plants have already drastically changed since. I want to post these before they have gone to seed, wilted and died. Maybe I’m being a little dramatic, but summer is basically here and the plants are growing leaps and bounds.
What is most striking now is the contrast between the flowers and the shades of grey skies we’ve been having. The plants don’t care if it’s cool and rainy. And I don’t care either. Everyone else is inside, but 62 degrees with a sprinkling of rain and a cool breeze doesn’t keep Wolfie and I inside. We go right along with our plans of digging dirt, poking at bugs and playing with the plants. There’s so much to look at!
peach agastache


top: Grand Dame rose bud

above: Apache sunset agastache

(numbered starting below)

  1. south facing view of NE 16th Ave between Wygant St. and Going St.
  2. native columbine
  3. massive purple alliums
  4. these yellow flowered Fraggle-like mint family plants (PLEASE help me with the name)—-> FOUND the name, it’s Jerusalem sage, Phlomis spp.
  5. my wooden planter with succulents, violas, and lotus vine
  6. succulent with offspring; hen and chicks?
  7. Lamb’s ears
  8. red-purple heuchera
  9. emerging echinacea
  10. delicate rose


16th ave

huge alliums
yellow fraggel plant
wooden panter
hens and chicks
teddy bear stachys
heuchera purple red
emerging echinacea
pink rose


About Celia

I live in Portland, OR in a orange stucco apartment building surrounded by wild gardens. I love plants, yoga, going for walks, the Oregon wilderness, photography, gardening, herbal tea and creating. My Etsy shop is KyraBotanica, where I sell handmade herbal tea and natural body care products and fragrances.

One thought on “The Beauty of the End of May Flowers

  1. Wolfie adorable and so healthy and strong. He is definitely thriving. My favorite flower was the first that I spied, the forget me nots.
    Oh my, they are gorgeous. Please tell me those are not your plants on both sides of that city sidewalk? If so, did you plant all of that? Looks like hens and chicks to me, but so large as all of your plants seem to be. You must have great compost. I haven’t asked about Rob? What are his views on all of the changes going on in the family
    I have a big event coming up. I will tell you about it in a couple of weeks

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