May 31st, 2013

The Meadow and the Forest; with Lupins, Hawks and Chestnuts

All it takes is an afternoon in a little bit of nature to rebalance and ground. Walking on a mossy fallen tree in the high grass. Crouching in a patch of lupines to be surrounded by the hum of busy bees. Watching a dance of light on a broad blur dock leaf, spotting a hawk way up in the trees.
May 17th, 2013

Powell Butte Picnic

I am excited. Two friends Rob and I knew in Duluth are officially moving to Portland. Kyle is from Rob’s home town of Melrose in central Minnesota (Lake Wobegone area) and Ginny is a fellow northern Wisconsinite. They had a free Saturday afternoon to spend with us after doing the Portland Farmers Market at PSU, working at the booth for the dairy farm and cheese maker where they’re finishing unable internship.
Of course we had to go to Powell Butte. It’s my favorite place in town, my favorite nature place, at least. We walked through the woods first, then made our way to the picnic spot in the chestnut grove.
Lunch was salad nicoise . I have to say this was the fanciest picnic lunch I have ever made.