January 30th, 2016

2016: A Year of House Plants

scented geranium
This year I intend to reacquaint with and revive my house plants. They are in desperate need of assistance.


Is it strange that I make New Years’ resolutions for my plants? If you consider that our house plants are a reflection of ourselves and our home life, then no, it’s not weird at all.

above: pineapple scented geranium (wintering over inside)


  • plants in the south-facing window seat
  • Spanish thyme (also wintering over inside)
  • African violet
  • Monstera
  • coleus (wintering inside) with an un-known plant in front
  • Paphiopedilum Raisin Pie, an orchid hybrid

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November 27th, 2013

Succulents, Norfolk Pine and Comfy Quilts


My friend Summer is a real green thumb. Like literally, the girl is a serious gardener.

As long as I known her, she has been surrounded by a plethora of healthy, beautiful houseplants. Summer was the only person I knew in high school to have plants in her room. I really fell in love with one, it was a spider plant. Summer’s spider plant was extra special because it hung from a beautiful handmade planter/light from a local potter, Leif Bjornson. One of my favorite things to do with Summer while at her house was to investigate her houseplants. I guess things haven’t changed much because I still like to admire her plant-adorned window sills.

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November 13th, 2013

Comforts in the Window Sill

I just returned from a trip to my hometown. When asked what I was going to do on my first day back in Portland, I said “look out my bedroom window”. And that is what I have done!

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August 4th, 2013

Found: Terrarium Kit from Artemisia


Can you believe someone put a terrarium kit from Artemisia to the curb?!

And that I walked by it on the right time on the right day to bring it home? Actually, I can believe that I found it, given my track record.

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April 25th, 2013

Books + Plants + Print = Love


Here are  three things I love dearly: Chinese Medicine, house plants and fabric prints. Why not put them together? Oh, there’s something else I love in here, too (besides the Kuan Yin figurine, of course!), a cast off wine crate! I collected a number of wine crates to use as displays for my herbal tea and body care products from grocery stores and wine shops. Shop owners are not keen to give them up since they are used for their own displays, but if you ask nicely, leave your number and offer to take broken or mismatched ones, you might get a few to work with.


A simple philodendron and the semi-succulent pepperoni plant (Peperomia caperata) are easy to care for. They get medium light with some direct sunlight, and enough water each week which soaks the soil but barely drips out the drainage hole. The philodendron came from a cutting about a year ago, and the Peperomia came from a lovely flower shop on Mississippi St, Emerald Petals.

P. caperata produces long white-tipped flower stalk. Very dramatic, and a little Seussian.



The print is from my mom. I don’t know where she got it, but it was around for most of my growing up. When I moved to college, it came along and hung it directly next to my bed.  I had the sweetest, homiest little bunk on my floor of the dorms ;) It has been in all of my bedrooms ever since.