December 1st, 2013

Late Autumn Beauty, Wisconsin Style


It was absolutely balmy in Portland today; overcast, moisture in the air and fairy warm. The trees and grass were still so alive, so green and festive. Contrast this with Wisconsin 3 weeks ago: the earth was festooned with oranges, yellows, maroons and browns with a bit of green here and there. Snow lingered. The air was dry. And it was cold, down to 15 Fahrenheit. Autumn is so very different between here and there. The thoughts of my taste of winter in the fall will have to tide me over for who knows how long; years? I am one of the opposition, you see. A Minnesotan/Wisconsinite who adored winter and enjoyed it more than any other season. Yes, I even liked diving in it, even in Duluth, a city know for its hills and cold winters. When I hear people back home complain about winter it breaks my heart. So forgive me while I savor it here.

Here are a set of photos from that wintery-type of autumn back home. They are from my friends’ house out in the country in St. Croix Falls, save for the one directly below. That’s Summer and her dog Tippy. We went for a walk in the woods and couldn’t resist the whimsy of the downy white seeded asters as a photo background. It was such a beautiful day, and a great time with a friend. Read the rest of this entry »
November 22nd, 2013

The Unexpected

Things associated with autumn:
  1. fallen leaves
  2. colder days
  3. longer nights
  4. rain and coulds
  5. plants dying back
  6. hot cocoa
  7. hearty meals shared with freinds
  8. turning inward, self-reflection
  9. feeling sleepy
  10. picking up crafts like knitting or drawing
  11. chickweed, cleavers coming back to life
  12. hayrides
  13. apple cider


Things you DO NOT associate with autumn:

  1. cherry blossoms
  2. rhododendrons blooming
  3. crocuses
  4. violets
  5. dalhias
  6. roses


And yet, all those plants are flowering right now! Read the rest of this entry »