Succulents, Norfolk Pine and Comfy Quilts


My friend Summer is a real green thumb. Like literally, the girl is a serious gardener.

As long as I known her, she has been surrounded by a plethora of healthy, beautiful houseplants. Summer was the only person I knew in high school to have plants in her room. I really fell in love with one, it was a spider plant. Summer’s spider plant was extra special because it hung from a beautiful handmade planter/light from a local potter, Leif Bjornson. One of my favorite things to do with Summer while at her house was to investigate her houseplants. I guess things haven’t changed much because I still like to admire her plant-adorned window sills.


This Norfolk Pine is massive. It practically takes up half of her guest room, and when I am in there I feel like I am camping in the forest, especially when I can see the stars so clearly at night from the windows. Someday it will reach the ceiling, and then what? Look how green and luscious this one is! I have never had a Norfolk but it’s on my list.

Below is a Donkey Tail and another variety of a succulent. Does anyone know the name of that one? I have one at home and I would say it must be related to Jade plants. I wish my Donkey Tail plant would hurry up already and grow to have as nice drape as these.


Summer’s house is comfort epitomized. There’s the wood fire, the heated floors, the great meals shared with friends and sun streaming through the generous windows. And then there are the quilts, the dog and the cats; the snugly things that make me want to live in a pile of blankets for three days, coming up only for refills of tea and a twice-daily walk in the country roads.



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