Saturday Evening at the Farm

A farm in the city, mountains of kale, a mountain view, swing music, kids running wild and free popcorn…my idea of a fun, late summer Saturday evening.

Rob is in a jazz big band, which takes him all over the city playing fundraisers, street fairs and other community events. This time they played at a celebration for Parkrose school district at Rossi Farms on north 122nd Ave. I had driven by Rossi farms a few times before and marveled at the staying power of a small farm surrounded by developments. I also marveled at their lush veggies and long growing season, with green fields well into January and starting again in March.




The open fields give a nice view of Mt. Hood and the cascades.



Oregon likes to relish their wild West past and Oregon Trail history. This event wouldn’t be complete without a few smoky prop gun shots from a Wild West act.


One of my favorite things to do is to take day trips around Portland. I love exploring new neighborhoods, walking the streets and looking at the houses and trees. I wonder about the history of the neighborhoods, and like to speculate when the houses were built and what was there prior. I had a feeling that the Parkrose area had a farming past, that is was all like Rossi Farms, but the farmers sold their land to developers at some point. The ever-expanding city takes over.

That is what makes Rossi Farms so special. The community uses it as a refuge, as a place to gather and play and be just a little bit closer to nature and the old ways. Many urban farms have taken hold in Portland, but often they reinvent their land to fit their needs, while this one has always been a farm. It’s a little bit of Portland history retained.




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