Project Found: Containment

2/30.  In 2013, once a week, I highlight what I have found and that which has found me.

This week’s Project Found is all about containers. Containment sounds undesirable, like restriction or confinement. But containment is essential for life to grow and flourish, as it creates the boundaries for creativity to thrive. Like a hands holding a draft of water, a bowl holding warm food, the earth holing roots in place, sometimes the roots hold the earth in place.

It’s funny that I came across so many containers because I have been using a container metaphor with my acupuncture patients an awful lot this week. When I see someone who is depleted and worn out, I see that it isn’t enough to fill the reserves. You first have to fix the leaks in the container, otherwise all your nutrients which would normally feed you perpetually leak. “Fix the well, then fill it up”.

The quartz crystal necklace doesn’t seem like a container. But it holds electrical potential. I remember from chemistry that quarts crystal is piezoelectric, meaning when it is touched to something it creates and electrical charge and potential. It’s how a quartz watch keeps on ticking.

I found this necklace at Imeldas on Hawthorne and I had to get it. It feels earthy and rustic yet also flashy and glam. I wore it to a social at my school and kept thinking people were coming up to converse with me, but they were just complementing my necklace. It made me laugh.



Rob had made this light bulb vase for me some time back, but it sat forgotten until I found it again during a recent cleaning. I didn’t know exactly where it should hang. I tried the bathroom, but settled on a door frame in the living room. It is in the center of the apartment and is visible from many angles. The metal rim looked a bit rusted, so I wrapped it with some beautiful floral fabric tape.

It is the perfect size to highlight the small blooms I get in my planters, like the lavender and plum violas. This is so adorable I can hardly stand it. The pansies forever remind me of the flower fairies.


I found this conical birch bark planter in a sweet little flower shop in the Pearl, Old Town Florist. The owner Wendi was super sweet and swapped me the one on display, complete with rocks and foil stuffing inside to bump my pot to be level with the rim. The display held a Prayer Plant, and it looked so nice I used one of my own Prayer Plants to fill it.

I like how it adds a bit of greenery in the music corner, and how the black-flecked white bark organically mimics the piano. Birch bark is so utterly beautiful; layers of iridescent colors, designs and textures, like a magical player piano roll. It is such a useful and malleable natural material.


This pitcher was found in one of the garden beds in the courtyard of my apartment, a third buried in the ground and completely covered by Iris’s and Bishops Weed. I just happened to be rummaging through the overgrown, thick bed, probably thinking up some scheme as to how to clean it up. I haven’t decided what to do with it; use it as a planter? A huge vase for sprawling cherry blossoms and delphiniums? Simply a decoration? As of now it is tucked under my Rose plant stand.

If you have any ideas about what would look nice planted in this one, let me know. There is potential there. It hasn’t revealed itself.

I was much pleased to find two copper-green metal planters abandoned by the side of the house, because I already have one just like it. And I found the other one before I moved here, too! They don’t have drainage holes, but that’s nothing I can’t fix with a hammer and nail. This one I filled with two perennials and two annuals. I love having Sage around, for eating but mostly for decoration. Sage wreaths are quite lovely as they dry nicely and retain their color and form, and love Sage as a filler for hand-tied bouquets and arrangements.

Psst…check out the Creeping Jenny and the Strawberry, they are holding hands.



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2 thoughts on “Project Found: Containment

  1. Oh, that white pitcher is so beautiful! I have one almost nearly identical to it. I put lobelia in mine, but it isn’t doing very well. Maybe as the summer progresses, it will expand more. What a great find!

    1. Mandy, you are on to something. Lobelia, what a great idea! I will have to try that. I like the idea a fine flower rather than a large focal flower.

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