Portland Grown Mauve and Peach Bridal Bouquet


It was a hot and humid day, with rain in the morning and mid-90’s by afternoon. I went out on the hunt for local and accessible flowers to make an all floral girly bridal bouquet for Chelsea’s Floral Arranging 101 class. After returning home sweaty and hot, I conditioned my flowers the thought in the back of my mind: are these flowers going to make it in this heat?

They perked up quite nicely in the water. Hours later when I started to build my bouquet, petals started to drop, edged curled, and stems flopped. I kept on, deciding that this would create a romantic, natural look. I had no other choice, as I stubbornly decided not to purchase any flowers for this class. It’s summer and I live in Rose City. Plus, it’s just practice. Nobody’s walking down the isle with these. They are still beautiful and smelled wonderful and as if I care that they are wilted! This was way too much fun.

Before I started gathering flowers, I’d hoped that I’d find more dusty mauve roses growing outside a mostly dilapidated apartment complex I discovered a few weeks prior. I also hoped I’d find more peachy roses, as I love peach and mauve together. With so luck I found just that, as well as soft orange lilies, light pink garden rose with many buds, white dahlias and lacy hydrangeas.

I had peach and purple amaryllis-looking lilies which represented my desired color scheme to a T (like the one under the bouquet in the top photo in the arrangement), but they disintegrated within a matter of hours.

The most enjoyable thing about this bouquet was the fragrance. Almost all the roses were seriously aromatic, old-fashioned and heady. Before I composted the bouquet, I gathered as many fragrant rose buds as I could to dry for tea. The lilies would bloom overnight and fill the room with it’s fragrance to delight my senses first thing in the morning. I love the antique lace wrapping the stems, too.

Yes, can you tell I had too much fun making bouquets and arrangements? I had so many left over flowers that I had flowers in every room in the house.







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