Pacific Coasting: Sunsets and Elk in Manzanita, OR

I have had the pleasure of experiencing a beautiful area of the Oregon coast thanks to my neighbor-turned-friend Jennifer. Her family lives in the quaint little town of Manzanita, and she got married on the beach in September. I joined Jen there again for a weekend of cooking, chatting, napping and a long sun and hail-filled walk in October. It was true rejuvenation!
The night before the wedding, the sunset was vibrant orange and yellow. To make the weekend even more memorable, the day of the wedding was incredibly warm and sunny. If any of you have been to the Oregon coast, you know that “warm and sunny” are not typically used in the same breath as “the coast”. It is usually grey, rainy and chilly, no matter the time of year. It was the warmest I’ve ever seen the coast by far.

On the drive home through a detour of Canon Beach, Jen spotted a heard of elk down a dirt road (which I erroneously thought were horses from a distance). We pulled over and got as close to the heard as we could. I counted 16 members in the heard, which is apparently quite large. Some where grazing in fenced yard, munching on shrubs and enjoying kale right out of a garden bed, some were on the side of the road eating in the ditches. I saw two elk in Eastern Oregon a few years ago, in a state forest by John Day, but there is nothing like seeing a whole heard of them.
We also spotted a bit of rainbow hanging out in a foggy Sitka spruce-filled valley. Not the whole thing, just an end piece of a rainbow.
The longer I live here, the more I am convinced that Portland, Oregon and the Pacific Northwest is like an enchanted fairy land right out of a storybook.
rainbow bit


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