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I’d like to introduce you to our baby boy, Wolfgang. He’s pretty much the best thing ever…

He was born on Sunday morning, December 7th. 2014. That was 10 days before my due date, so it was somewhat of a surprise. Working as a birth doula for so many years had me prepared for the more typical first-time mom occurrence of our baby being more like 10 days past the due date. The midwives wrote down in their records that he appeared to be 41 weeks gestation at birth, not 38 weeks. Well, nature works in mysterious ways. I’m sure he couldn’t be 41 weeks at birth, but he sure looked like it.
Life has been pretty sweet since he’s come along. Just when I think I can’t possibly love him anymore I do; and the parents I know say the same thing.
People have also say how quickly the newborn times fly by, and to cherish them the best you can. This week he is 6 weeks old…almost out of the newborn phase. He is already growing out of newborn clothes, developing his personality, learning and changing so much.
Last week Wolfie started smiling more, and he has discovered his shadow and is completely enthralled with how his legs and feet wiggle against the white wall. These will seem like such little things as he gets older, but for now they are huge developmental leaps and I am just as excited about them as he is.
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My day consists mostly of nursing and holding a sleeping baby. Such sweet times are these!
Sometimes I think I should be more productive around the house, with the various projects I have going and also with my postpartum recovery. Slowly I have added more things to my day, but I have surrendered to the fact that my main job is nourishing a baby. There will be time for housework, quilting and yoga later. For now I’m hunkered down like a mama bear in a den for the winter.
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