June 9th, 2013 by Celia

Making Arrangements: Blue + Pink Flowers


I had two inspirations for this small arrangement. One was the bachelor buttons which I had cut a week prior with some poppies as seen below; the poppies were long faded, but the bachelor buttons were still going strong. The other inspiration was a cream pitcher, about 3.5 inches high with an opening of 2 inches. I had heard somewhere (from a book? a class? can’t recall where) that a good guideline for arrangements is a 10 stems per inch of the diameter of the opening, so I aimed for 20 stems.



These flowers and foliage are entirely from the courtyard of my apartment building. I was pleasantly surprised at my options, although they weren’t the hardiest of plants to work with; the dog rose and fuchsia especially. I picked a single pale pink peony as the center flower; that was about all I could fit in this small container.



Mint was a surprisingly enjoyable filler to use. The fuzzy spearmint added a soft texture and filled in the edges with a gentle drape. I feel so lucky to have so many bushes of hypericum berries outside my door. This is a plant that was new to me when I moved to Portland, although as an herbalist I have been harvesting St. John’s Wort for a long time. Hypericum means hyper-icon, or above evil. It was hung above doorways and around necks to ward off any evil spirits from possessing the occupants.  Makes sense to me; it is bright and sunny and long-lived. St. John’s Day is basically the summer solstice which is the most sun-filled day of the year. No wonder hypericum is so effective with depression and SAD.

Some roses lost their petals. but I didn’t care. The yellow stamens echoed the hypericum beautifully. My ultimate favorite was the sprinkling of forget-me-nots; they make me so happy.




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  2. these are beautiful!! I love flower arrangement. Never thought of using mint as a filler, great idea!

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