I’m in Rome!

rome door 2
Above is the door to our apartment in Rome. Yes, we are in Rome! It has been such a fabulous trip thus far. Rob and I were invited to join Rob’s parents for a lovely 16 day vacation in the eternal city. Our adorable apartment is on Grillo Street, right across from Trajan’s Forum and a couple of blocks from the Colosseum.
In true Celia style, I can’t seem to find words to describe my experience here. So instead of deliberating over sentaces for the next three days, I’ll share a few photos. Below is Via Grillo, not even a half of a block above our apartment. Stucco, tile roofs, window shutters, ornate decorations, Mediterranian colors and scrolled iron details; yes, I am quite smitten with the Roman architecture.
rome arch street 1
colosseo morning
forum 1
The Roman ruins are seemingly endless. I am glad I watched about 20 documentaries about the Roman Empire, Ancient Rome, the Dark Ages and the Renaissance before because now I can (somewhat) place the monuments, art and ruins in time and place.  The history is so rich I could imagine spending a lifetime to grasp it.
st peters occulus
Oh, the opulence!
St. Peter’s Cathedral at the Vatican is gilded to the nines. One empire was replaced by another as Roman’s and the rest of Europe converted to Christianity and the Catholic Church took hold. I love going to European churches and suspect I will have a post all about them. On one hand, they seem a little excessive, on the other, their creators were inspired to create the most beautiful places they could to worship and create a holy atmosphere. And beautiful they are.
vaticant wall
We’ve been to one museum after the other. The art collections are stunning, but I am just as impressed with decorative ceilings. Think of the effort and craftsmanship, the sweat and tears put into these elegant designs.
house from vaticant
Every block is filled with surprises, filled with rich, diverse culture yet unmistakably Italian. The doors, the windows, the shops and cafes, the alleys draped with vines and flowers, the food, the spiritual and artistic tones…yes, I’m in love.
rome door 1


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