From Herb Blog, to Photo Blog, to Now

Found Her Place was started in 2012 as a photo blog.

Found Her Place blog started as a place to share the rest of my life besides herbalism. I had another blog called Dandelion Revolution, where I wrote about health, the body, Chinese Medicine and mostly, all things herbal. I started it in 2007, at a time where I couldn’t get enough herbalism.

I never lost my obsession of herbalism, but I did expand my interests. Which compelled me to begin Found Her Place (which was originally called Fall Into Place, but as time went on I discovered there were so many other blogs with that name, so I changed it a bit).

Part of my herbal path was creating a line of medicines, teas and body care products. It’s quite natural for herbalists to embrace making medicines, and also a part of many herbalist’s path to offer them to their community. Simply put, many herbalists are damn good medicine makers, and many want to share these beautiful and effective herbs with the world around them. I was just the same.

At first, I sold raspberry leaf based blends in canning jars with hand drawn labels. It was 2008. I lived in the small city of Duluth, MN, and was a birth doula and part of the home birth and doula community. Midwives and pregnant moms started asking me for teas. I expanded my line bit by bit, and then started selling at Birth and Baby Fairs and craft fairs.

I ended up selling on Etsy. That was an eye-opening experience in so many ways. Someday I’ll get into the details of being a small herbal business owner. Being a chronic entrepreneur, I, for one, am always intersted in the nitty-gritty business details.

The key point for this post is that selling on Etsy inspired me to dive into product photography. And I LOVED it.

Which led me to taking photos all the time, of all sorts of nature, home, people and plant inspired things. Portland is like an urban jungle, so many gorgeous plants to meet and photograph all year round. Then there’s the varied landscapes of Oregon to photograph too, the mountains, the high desert, the coast, the forests, the rivers.

You see, I couldn’t help but spill those photos of landscapes and flowers OUT of my herbal blog and INTO a photo blog.

Now I see that it is time to let the herb blog go and fold the gems into other ventures. What ventures? I don’t know. Time will tell.

The realization that it was time to end Dandelion Revolution came slowly. It had a lot to do with astrology – interestingly, it lined up with Uranus, the planet of change and REVOLUTION (coincidence of the name Dandelion Revolution?!) going through my chart. Now Uranus is entering Taurus, which is my rising sign and thus my first house. Time for another change!

The outcome of this blog is unknown. I have NO idea how it will end up. I have only faint whisperings of the new directions it will take. It will be home to a lot of herbalism, of course. But also things like ritual, self care, other healing modalities like Chinese medicine, plants, gardening, homey spaces.

Mostly the comfort and beauty of place.

Found Her Place started with the idea that we are meant to be at home wherever we are, in oneself, in our own heart, in owning our soul, embodiment of our physical nature, and inhabiting this space, time and place.

I sit here now and hold a cup of tea. I drink in honor of this place and this time, in honor of whomever reads these words and of myself. Thanks for witnessing this journey, and witnessing the beauty of your own journey.

Take care,


About Celia

I live in Portland, OR in a orange stucco apartment building surrounded by wild gardens. I love plants, yoga, going for walks, the Oregon wilderness, photography, gardening, herbal tea and creating. My Etsy shop is KyraBotanica, where I sell handmade herbal tea and natural body care products and fragrances.

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