Found: Terrarium Kit from Artemisia


Can you believe someone put a terrarium kit from Artemisia to the curb?!

And that I walked by it on the right time on the right day to bring it home? Actually, I can believe that I found it, given my track record.

It include just about everything I needed except the plants and decorative rocks (which are easy to find):

  • rounded glass bowl
  • purple Spanish moss
  • green spongy moss
  • sand, decorative and regular old sand

I have been reading about and seeing homemade terrariums just about everywhere for the past few years, and have drooled over the terrarium kits at Artemisia (which is 4 blocks from my house) for almost as long. One thing I did differently from what I see often is to add a thin layer of plain old potting soil on the bottom to give my plants a little more nutrients and solid foundation.

One tiny succulent I found at the green house, and the others I propagated from my own stock.



I love finding little, tiny things. Like these mini pine cones. They didn’t make it in this terrarium but I see them in one soon, perhaps a more woodland, mossy creation?


The rocks were very fun to pick through, as I have been collecting rocks for over 10 years now. My rock dish is a living testament to my innate sentimentality; I know where each one came from, whether it was found, purchased or gifted to me by another (an easy, thoughtful gift for a romantic rock collector, I suppose).

I ended up using a bubble gum pink and mint green bumpy rock I found on the side of the road in 2006 while living with my grandma in Taylors Falls, MN while I worked for an acupuncturist and herbalist for the fall/winter. These aren’t just rocks, people, they are a living time capsule!

The small, surf-smoothed sea shell was gifted to me by one of three sets of friends who traveled to New Zealand, went to the same beach and brought me back the same type of stone which they all said reminded them of me. The white chert rock is heart shaped. Rob found this for me on a trip he took to Minnesota when I had to stay home. I think it is from Alexandria.


My terrarium is in my herb nook right now, a beautiful inspiration while I make products for  my shop and send out orders. It was a gift from mysterious giver.




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