Floral Design Workshop


Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending a floral design workshop at the Floral Design Institute here in Portland. Because apparently I don’t have enough hobbies already. Oh, and I love flowers and make bouquets and arrangements almost everyday anyways. I have never received any instruction in this field, so I thought it was high time I learn some basic tools to work with.

The morning was part lecture and part instruction on the basics. We made an arrangement in a ginger vase. The next exercise was working with foam in square glass jar with a compact and styled design inspired by Ikebana and Japanese style, and finished it off with a hand-tied bouquet. I learned so many little things that were completely new to me. In general I am a reliable autodidact, but something hands-on like floral design really requires a tactile approach.





Creating the armature with curly willow for a hand-tied bouquet was a new concept for me. I felt like a eleven wisk-maker.

Luckily I went shopping on the break and got a bag to carry all my arrangements home with me. I didn’t bring one; what was I thinking?! It started pouring and quickly my bag was soaked through while I walked to the bus stop. I staggered through Nob Hill hugging two glass vases and a bouquet in the crooks of my elbows, barely being able to see above the tufts of plumosa and asters.






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