Dried Flowers and Rose Headbands at Bella Flora

I wrote about Bella Flora, the studio-shop of Elaine Falbo in this post. I spent an afternoon taking pictures there last June and am now just having time to post them.

Being a full-time mom is a joy and also an incredibly exhausting pursuit. Sometimes things just take me a looooong time to finish. Sometimes I choose self-care (sometimes by force), going outside, sitting on the floor playing with my kids over computer work. I’m not as “productive”, but I’m happier to move at a snail’s pace.
Revisiting these photos is such a treat. Because…roses! So many roses. Falbo strings them like beads and finished them with ribbons and tassels to create gorgeous headbands.
Looking at these photos of Falbo’s flower-filled shop is therapeutic. Everything she does is done with care and artisanship. So I leave you with these floral photos. If you live in Portland, be sure to check out her studio-shop to experience the botanical goodness firsthand.
Flabos is on Instagram @bella_flora_studio_pdx, and her shop is in the Eliot/Irvington neighborhood at 2721 NE 7th Ave, Portland, OR 97212.


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