Chamomile with a Side Of Rose – Garden to Arrangements to a Cup of Tea


You could say I am a bit obsessed with both chamomile and roses, especially since moving to Portland.

Chamomile grows quite well in my garden with the mild springs and moisture. I planted one tiny plot three years ago and it self-seeded all over the place. And for roses, well, Portland isn’t called the city of roses for nothing.

Both chamomile and roses are incredibly easy harvest, dry and make as tea. This year I added chamomile in bloom in a floral arrangements and was as pleased as I am when I sip it as tea. As a filler it doesn’t disappoint. The sweet chamomile smell filled my apartment in a big way and lingered for days, and the flowers stayed fresh as daisies for even longer.

Add some fragrant roses and it was even sweeter in here. When the arrangement started to threaten wilting, I stripped the petals of the roses and popped off the chamomile flower heads and dried them for tea. Chamomile and rose is an amazing combination on so many levels, as a fragrance, flavor, medicine for body and spirit.

Here’s a post about chamomile on Dandelion Revolution. Okay, here’s another and another. Yes, it is a love affair.



About Celia

I live in Portland, OR in a orange stucco apartment building surrounded by wild gardens. I love plants, yoga, going for walks, the Oregon wilderness, photography, gardening, herbal tea and creating. My Etsy shop is KyraBotanica, where I sell handmade herbal tea and natural body care products and fragrances.

2 thoughts on “Chamomile with a Side Of Rose – Garden to Arrangements to a Cup of Tea

  1. These pictures made my day – so beautiful and calming. Just like chamomile! I planted chamomile in my garden for the first time this season, but I was too nervous to try making it into tea. This post may have given me the little boost I need to try it.

    I had no idea you had the Dandelion Revolution blog! It’s gorgeous and insightful and wonderful! I’m looking forward to reading more.

    I’ll be in your neck of the woods this weekend visiting friends and family. Can’t wait to get my fresh air, Oregon coast, and sushi fix.

    1. Thanks, Mary :) I am glad you love this simple yet beautiful herb as much as I do! Usually chamomile reseeds like mad, so you will have even more chamomile to try next year.

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