Bachelor Button, Yarrow and Clover Floral Crown


It was finals week. My willpower was failing, and I needed an escape…and escape into flowers! Flowers have been my drug of choice, my fantasy world and sensual destination for this spring and summer. I know it is a distraction, I know that there are other “more important” things to do, but yet I let my self indulge into the floral world. Perhaps you could say it was my coping mechanism against the fatigue-inducing, seemingly endless terms of grad school.

The project for the week of Chelsea Fuss’s Floral Arranging 101 class was to make a floral crown. I knew just the place to gather flowers, my trusted empty lot down the street.

I have made floral crowns in the past, recently using thread or wire to attach my foliage to the wreath. Actually, most floral wreaths or crowns were crudely weaved together stems; I hoped they would stay together. Making many (about 12) floral-tape wrapped mini bouquets to attach (again with floral tape) to the per-measured crown as we were instructed was by far a superb method. Each mini bouquet was its own exercise in color, form and combination. Each one was slightly different.

Bachelor buttons of many hues, yarrow, white and red clover were my materials. This empty lot has lent much inspiration to me this year, providing poppies and harvests of red clover, yarrow and wild carrot. The floral crown smelled divine! So aromatic with the sweet clovers and pungent, dry and bitter yarrow.








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