June 5th, 2013 by Celia

Around Portland: Nature Gone a Bit Away in Belmont


I say this everyday, but now is the perfect time to check out the plants and flowers in Portland. The conditions are just right; sunny and warm days following weeks of rain. It is so much fun for me to walk through the quite neighborhood streets and alleys to check out the plants on display.

Of course I love the landscaped yards and well-thought gardens, but what I really like is the laid-back yards with a little wildness to them. The variegated dianthus with it’s slightly disconnected petals against a broken fence, for example.

This yard is a perfect example of cultivated wildness: it’s all perennials. Who would dare mow down native iris’s or sunflowers? The foxgloves have escaped their bounds and are invading the neighbor’s driveway. I doubt anyone cares. They sure don’t.
The borage in the above photo has gone a little awry, but that’s it’s nature. It twists and turns and lays down and stands up, and it’s all the more beautiful for it.
The ceonathus trees (the blue flowered-one above) are swarmed with bees right now. You can hear the eerie buzz on hundreds of bees at work a half a block away. I loved the way this door was shrouded by the bushes.
What’s doing the blooming at your place?


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