April Apple Blossoms

apple-blossoms4The apples, plums and cherry trees are blooming in full force here in Portland. Their delicate milky-white petals and gold-dipped anthers are almost angelic. Apples are in the Rosaceae family; the rose family. Rose family plants all have five sepals and five petals. Can you see the rose-like appearance of these flowers? The roses that have been bread to be showy have more than five petals, obviously; but if you were to count them you would find they occur in multiples of fives.

These blooms came from a tree on 30th and Alder SE, but there are trees all over the place. Some are tinged pink, especially the unopened buds.





And just when you thought things couldn’t be more fairy-like…

I added a few springs of the tiny Forget-me-nots. How could you forget this beautiful little flower? If you have seen a shaded stream bank lined with these blue flowered plants, you will not forget it.

There are a handful of these plants growing in the gardens outside my door. If they were more plentiful I’d line cup after cup of them to adorn my home. Instead I just bend over and look into their yellow center as I walk to and from.



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