A Sweet Combination… Baby and Botanicals

w cedar 2
Thanks to my Pinterest habit, I was really looking forward to doing a photo shoot with Babe surrounded by a wreath of seasonal botanicals for our birth announcements.
The photos didn’t have quite the effect I was looking for and weren’t used on the announcements, but it was nonetheless fun to experiment in this direction. Plus Rob doesn’t like photos of babies with their eyes closed; he prefers more lively shots.

I chose the cedar because it is quintessential Portland and Pacific Northwest to me. Cedar radiates a protective, beautiful and utilitarian essence. It has a clear, cleansing aroma and a pleasing sweeping evergreen drape, silhouetting against the grey winter sky. Seems fitting to surround a newborn baby!
w cedar 1
When experimenting with setting up the shoot, I found that less is more and paired the cedar down considerably. In the future, I would use even less branches, otherwise the photo becomes too busy and distracts from the baby. I find the white space between branches even more interesting than the branches themselves.
 mama papa swaddle
A sleeping baby makes for a still, calm shot; an awake baby is wiggling and hard to catch. I suppose an expert photographer could catch a smile or gaze as the baby is coming in or out of sleep to find a balance. This is the photo which really caught my eye and inspired me to try it on my own.
By the way, I just have to poke a little fun at the mama and papa swaddle technique…with all due respect to Rob and all the dads out there. For what its’ worth, I’m not a great swaddler either!
w cedar wreath


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