A Book & Botanical Baby Shower

I am still blissing out on my lovely baby shower. It was lovely beyond belief in so many ways.
My incredibly creative friend Holly hosted a group of good friends and decorated in a sweet baby book theme, with plants and flowers mixed in for good measure. Holly had received a bunch of old children’s books from her family, but they were a little too rough and worn for her son to read, so she used the pages and covers to decorate and make the invitations (I’ll post a photo of the invitations someday).

When I got to Holly’s house, these three ladies were busy in the kitchen, making a sweet spread of food themed around what I’ve been craving during pregnancy. I was a little embarrassed to reveal how unexciting my food cravings have been, which is mostly oatmeal, apples, kale, chocolate and Brussels sprouts. But Holly went with it and it turned out delicious.
As you can see, Holly has quite the green thumb. Everywhere was adorned with botanical pretties. The appetizer labels were held in pine cones, the food placed on a moss mat, and jars of flowers decorated windowsills. My favorite was the pumpkin that Holly’s son painted in blues and orange.
There was no shortage of little ones for the holding. The babies were peaceful and content, which gave me reassurance about being a parent and taking my new baby out with me into the world. I feel so blessed to have such a great group of mothers to lean on.
My friend Josi graciously led a Blessing Way, sharing heartfelt readings about pregnancy, birth and being a mom.  A burgundy spool of thread was passed around the group, which everyone wound around their wrists to create a show of unity and support. When I am in labor, Josi will text everyone to cut the  thread and send me good birthing wishes.
babes at shower
My group of friends is without a doubt a crafty bunch. At most baby showers we have a craft to do, and this time it was to decorate a mobile for me to hang for Baby’s. I brought a branched cherry stick for the mobile base and a few botanical findings that Rob and I gathered from the neighborhood that morning, plus a few bits of meaningful ephemera, like broken bits of jewelry from my friends and family, feathers and moss I’ve collected, and a set of keys from my Grandpa. The mobile turned out so sweet.


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